About Us

Our Mission

Bio-Medic Appliances designs medical devices. Our focus is not only on the device; it’s on the patient.

Our mission is to make people more comfortable and more functional in their everyday lives. To accomplish this, we begin every new relationship with a thorough initial evaluation. This includes a detailed medical history, a biomechanical analysis of the patient’s physical characteristics and a detailed understanding of the patient’s functional environment. All three evaluation steps above are critical to the design of a custom device that will not only fit the patient, but will also fit the patients’s lifestyle.

At every step, we listen and we involve the patient as much as possible in the design of their device which, helps ensure that the device truly works for them.

Our involvement does not stop when the device is delivered. Our partnership continues with a thorough level of follow-up care, to adjust or modify your device as needed. We provide follow-up care to ensure that the device keeps up with the patients changing needs, or with changing technology. We constantly re-evaluate fit, function and design.