Adult Services


Our bodies are complex machines of incredible design. When they are working properly we often don’t give a second thought to the myriad of functions that we can perform. When a part of our body isn’t working correctly, the loss of these functions can be anywhere from inconvenient all the way to catastrophic. Any neuromuscular or orthopedic impairment may require a team of specialists to help restore function or relieve pain.

Finding the right people to help you is critical to your recovery. You will need people with compassion and empathy – to listen carefully and understand your needs, who have exceptional skills and knowledge. These individuals must have experience and expertise, as well as creativity and talent. At Bio-Medic Appliances, Inc. our practitioners have all of these qualities, and more. They have dedicated their professional lives to the practice and perfection of orthotics and prosthetics – always striving for ever-better results, never satisfied with the status quo. Our friendly and efficient office staff is always there for you – helping smooth the way to access our services. Our talented technicians work hard to fabricate or maintain your highly specialized and custom devices.

Together, we are tenacious as we make possible the impossible.