WalkAide (Adult)

Foot drop from many neurologic and orthopedic conditions can now be controlled by the use of a neuro-prosthesis called the WalkAide. The WalkAide is a highly advanced medical device and can often be used in lieu of standard custom molded plastic Ankle Foot Orthoses. The device functions by restoring the nerve-to-muscle signals in the lower leg and causes active lift of the foot while walking, running, climbing stairs and ascending ramps. If you are diagnosed with foot drop or scuff one or both feet while walking, the WalkAide might be an option for you. Often people with drop foot must lift their legs very high or shift their torso to clear their foot in the swing phase of walking. The WalkAide allows for a more natural walking pattern and this enables you to walk faster, further and with less effort. With the improved walking pattern, the WalkAide also helps reduce risk of falls, and allows you to become more stable and independent while walking. The WalkAide is effective for many upper motor neuron conditions including, but not limited to stroke and multiple sclerosis. If you would like to be evaluated for the appropriateness of the WalkAide on your condition, please contact us to schedule an appointment.