Cranial Remolding Orthoses

Children that have been diagnosed with a head deformity often will need to be treated with a cranial remolding orthosis. Whether your child has plagiocephaly, brachycephaly or craniosynostosis, there are different styles of orthoses to best assist head growth.

Cranial remolding orthoses most resemble a helmet, they fit intimately on your child’s head and they require diligent and frequent follow up with your Orthotist.   Providing cranial remolding orthoses takes experience, skill, intuition, creativity, and patience.

At Bio-Medic Appliances we bring all of these qualities to the table along with a child-friendly facility. Initial visits to our office may be lengthy, so we keep a wide variety of fun toys and activities on hand to keep your children entertained.  Often the first appointment is an evaluation or consultation to determine if your child qualifies for a cranial remolding orthosis.  We gather information which we use to attain proper insurance approval.  The second visit is most often the impression taking visit.  We take plaster molds of the children's heads.  This process is a little messy and most children do not like it, but it is not painful or harmful and ultimately, only a few minutes after we have finished taking the plaster mold, your child has already completely forgotten about the experience.  The fitting and delivery appointment is also a little lengthy.  We have our cranial remolding orthoses fabricated with the bare minimum cut out for the face and ears.  We then trim out these areas while your child is here in our office.  This allows for us to take advantage of maximum surface area on your child's head for purchase of the orthosis in order to prevent twisting or spinning of the orthosis on your child's head.   Consecutive appointments after the fitting and delivery appointment are for growth adjustments and measuring to check progress and are often quite short.