Pediatric Prosthetics


Children with limb difference, deficiency or amputation are regular kids just like everyone else. For leg deficiencies, a prosthesis is usually necessary to restore function and gait. For arm deficiencies, a prosthesis may not be necessary for function, but may be important for emotional needs. Your child may need a prosthesis, you should put careful thought into choosing a prosthetist. You and your child will spend many hours with that individual, and he or she will have a big influence on your child’s life. Keep in mind that with every growth spurt, a prosthesis will need adjustments. It is critical to have a precise fit and proper alignment to avoid orthopedic problems and discomfort.

What to expect

Initial Consultation

At the first visit, we will meet with the child and their parents and take a thorough history of the child’s condition and the devices her or she has previously worn.

Ideally, the child’s physical therapist would also be present at this appointment. If the therapist can not be present the day of the evaluation, we will contact them for information on what they are currently working on with the child and the short term and long term goals of physical therapy. We try as much as possible to dovetail our devices with the physical therapist’s plan to help the child reach milestones more efficiently.

There are many types of bracing options which we fabricate in-house at Bio-Medic Appliances. At this first visit, we will discuss these braces with you and decide whether the right solution is something we can create right here in our lab. If your child requires a more unique or patented design that must be fabricated at a specialty center, we will work with the manufacturer ro ensure correct fit, function and comfort as well as a timely delivery.

Follow-Up Visits

As with our adult patients, we will schedule as many follow up appointments as needed to ensure a correct and comfortable fit. Our pediatric patients need an even greater attention to follow-up care because they will be growing and changing rapidly. We build this into the process here at Bio-medic Appliances and this often we build a device and a relationship that grows with your child.